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British Mandate

In March 1998, Parliament passed the mandate described below in The Times of London, creating access to all new homes throughout England and Wales. The ripples will spread world-wide. The regulations further expose the inaccurate assertions of groups in the United States like the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) (link to NAHB Web site) that basic access isn’t needed, can’t be done, won’t be done . . .

  • View the article from The Times of London
  • View the specific construction requirements from Section M of the Building Regulations. Among the requirements are an accessible approach to the dwelling, a zero-step entrance when topography permits, at least a half-bath on the main floor, wide halls and doorways, and accessible switches and electrical outlets.

Vancouver, BC Canada 2013

Through the efforts of Jill Weiss and others, a law covering several interior features for every new house in the city passed in 2013. The zero step entrance portion is expected to pass in the near future.