Starting Point


Whatever you call it — accessible, universal design, life-time homes, adaptable, visitable — this site is about working together for basic access in ALL homes.

It’s not about access to public buildings — or helping builders create “niche marketing” for disabled or older people — or how to build your own fully accessible house from A to Z (click here if that’s what you need). It’s not about retrofitting existing homes for a person who’s become disabled, important as that is.

It is about correcting current building practices, which have disabled people and their allies desperately seeking help to undo existing barriers — while a half-mile down the road a new development is going up constructing exactly those same barriers. The word “visit-able” works well to express our goal because it rightly implies:

  1. A focus on homes, not government buildings, stores, restaurants, etc. (which are already covered in the United States by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990)
  2. ALL homes, not just “special” homes; being at the party, the meeting, the reunion — not isolation.

Narrowing the emphasis from a long list of possible or desirable access features to the most essential features: entering a home and fitting through the interior doors. So that widespread construction change is more likely to happen quickly. As a co-worker summarized: “Get in and pee.